The first and primary principle of my practice is that “All is Consciousness”. That everything in existence, all expression of life, be it organic or manufactured exists within a consciousness that is the totality of all, and that this very same consciousness exists within everything.  Consciousness is the substance, the medium, that we get to play with. 

The second principle is that “Wholeness is not Optional”. The implication of such a statement is that nothing is separate from anything else.  That it cannot be; never has been and never will be anything other than whole.  What this means is that every aspect of self has a use in some way, and that it is not our task to change ourselves, rather to shift the relationship we have with ourselves.

I would like to draw an example of these two principles by way of a metaphor. Imagine that you are an old world sailing ship.  That as you were growing up, as you were developing your sense of self, you made up a story about life, you became dedicated to this story as you searched for meaning and an understanding of who you are whilst making a foot hold in the world.  If we return to the sailing ship, as you are finding the meaning, you are building your vessel, giving priority to certain sails that you have learned to identify as the most useful, and decided upon an order in which they should be hoisted.   This is a pattern not only of behaviour, but also of an underlying structure to your entire life.  You are dedicated to setting the same sails in the same order no matter the prevailing conditions.  What you have done is create a vehicle for yourself to sail the great oceans of consciousness.

What happens to us in human development terms is that we come to think, to see, to experience ourselves as the sailing ship.  We consider that what we are is the vessel itself.  Most of us remain in the harbour, close to the ship building yard, identifying directly with the original experience, the place where we developed.  We spend our entire lives running around the deck ensuring the same sails are erected in the exact same order no matter what experience we find ourselves in. 

As we come to learn about ourselves, to wake up to our natural selves and the world about us, we begin to see what our vessel is, what sails we have, and the others that lie bundled on the deck dormant, waiting for our attention.  Our task now is to become the captain of our vessel and place ourselves in a position where we area able to get a clearer view of the entire ship as well as the horizons that lie beyond.  We do not need to swap ships, rather learn to sail the one we have, and awaken all of your being, finally leave the harbour, out through the heads into the vast oceans of consciousness.  Life then becomes a playground of endless potential. 

I consider art, The Mystery, and deep pleasure as the only things worth pursuing of any substance. If whatever you do has these three elements, you will realise a fulfillment unfounded in anything else.

Ultimately life is a Mystery, a continual unfolding of self and life around us, and that an answer to any worthy question will be one that leads you to another worthy question.