I am a man who chooses consciousness, to live in a natural relationship with life.  I seek to uncover myself, to know firstly what I am as a human being and secondly to know my own unique version of that beautiful creature. 

I am a man who loves humanity and the constant exploration of all that we are and may become.  I love poetry and music, opera and cinema, dance and desserts.  I enjoy philosophy and ideas; I relish expression and creative endeavour.  I love the vast landscape of human existence and the constant changing of that geographical space.  I love The Mystery, the fact that no matter what we discover, what we know, there will always be the mysterious unknown to explore.

The value I hold most dear to my heart is that of freedom.  I do not refer to freedom as the state of liberty, though certainly this is important.  No, the freedom I speak of is a personal state; it is that which belongs to each and every human being on the planet.  To quote Rollo May, a man whose contribution to psychology and human understanding I applaud, “Freedom is the ability to feel, think and speak authentically and be conscious of doing so”

I am a nomad, a wanderer, choosing to let the tides and winds of time take me, yet directed by the star that I pursue.  The word nomad comes from the Sanskrit word nomash, which means pasture.  I seek out those pastures that feed and nourish me, the places and experiences where I am able to contribute my energy and service.

I am an Alchemist, falling into the fires of transformation over and over as I realise the gold that I am.  I choose to serve all humanity to that end, to participate in raising the consciousness of humanity, one by one, if that be the case.